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Writing - NE/Y1

  • Pencil Grip 94.8 KB
    This can be a tough skill for your child to master. Please help them to hold the pencil correctly and get them to move their fingers when writing. They also need to have their hand resting on the paper when writing.
  • Lower Case Letter Formation 159 KB
    When writing we need to make sure we start each letter in the right place. This document shows you where to start and how to form each letter correctly. If your child is able to write the letter 'c' the right way they will find it easier to learn the following letters; o, a, d, g, q.
  • Upper Case Letter Formation 88.6 KB
    Learning upper case letters may be easier than lower case letters but we need to remember the right time to use them in our writing - at the start of a sentence or a name.
  • Essential Spelling - List 1 13.5 KB
    This first list contains 10 of the most common words children will use in their writing. When children are learning these words, it is important that they form the letters correctly as a letter formed incorrectly may represent another letter therefore change the word.
  • Essential Spelling - List 2 15 KB
    This second list contains the next 20 words that children will use when writing.
  • Essential Spelling - List 3 23.2 KB
    This third list contains 30 words that children will use when writing. Please note that children will learn words across all of these lists as well as words that are personal to them and their interests.